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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
It isn't despicable hitting a guy in the balls twice is way worse than that and has a much larger impact on the fight and that happens all the time. That wasn't an attempt to grease it is just stupid to claim he was trying to get an advantage because of how little he moved and where he moved it. If they really cared about it they would tell him to stop. The only thing to complain about within the fight is the short grabbing which was pretty bad for what it was but still not a serious foul.

I seriously doubt Anderson would drop me with a shoulder strike unless he came flying at me like an nfl linebacker seeing as how I am taller than him and something like that wouldn't even hit my chin. If only Chael went through puberty he might have been tall enough to avoid it as well.
I know many people who WENT through puberty and are shorter then Chael. But funny joke anyway.

Yeah the Anderson greasing thing is silly. Sure what he did was illegal but it was hardly an attempt at getting an advantage. So nothing worth talking about there.

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