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Hes my fav ref, so he made one mistake hes had many great calls! I like him because hes one of the few refs nowadays that actually gives the fighter taking a beating a chance to fight back

Sure that was a bad call but still its part of the sport, i loved how pride let te fights go longer, many times it was too long but still nowadyas too many refs stop the figh to early the sonnen and AS fight, im not saying it was a bad call because sonnen was all turtled up BUT that was a huge fight, the ref could have waited some more. There were times that the ref could have stopped lesnar and carwin but look how that turned out

Kongo vs barry, shogun vs henderson, maynard vs edgar, mir vs big nog, theres a shit ton of fights where guys come back and its really annoying when a fighter is given 1 or 2 seconds to get back into the fight or the ref stops it
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