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Originally Posted by locnott View Post
Bat, been there and done that.. Bat>Knife.
I concur. Knife wielding ahole comes at ya then you swing...boom! Knife wielding ahole circles around you talking smack then you swing to his mouth...boom!

Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
I've been attacked with a bat and I've been attacked with a knife.

I rushed the guy with the bat and kicked his ass.

Against a knife I spent 12 hours on an operating table having my guts cleaned and put back in place. The average adult has about 10 pints of blood in them. i was billed for 16. Knife wins.
You are one crazy mofo!

Dear Luckbox,

First off why are you laying awake at night thinking of this...haha. You should be thinking of happier thoughts my friend. See my avatar for inspiration...

Next without going into too much detail...I'm a bat person.
I don't like knives or sharp makes my ballz cringe. If I lost my bat I would have to rely on my Orange belt in Aikido to disarm em. The way I see it I would ask the attacker politely to swing slower so I can grab his wrist or I'm FAWKED!!!

If you enjoyed the story send a rep because I'm trying to be the first to hit the highest marks on this forum.

Oh and here's an old knives involved, but still hella funny!

Pay attention to the guy who picks up the Orange cone...roflz!!!

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