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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
Wow. Did you really say that? Anderson is a bad example for the sport?
What about almost everything Chael said unprofessionally about Anderson's personal life, his wife, his childhood playing in the mud or Brazilians never using soap? Is that a good example?

About illegality, if Anderson would sue Chael for those public lines, before any court these things are a plain and direct offense transcending not only the boundaries of the sport but all civility and yes, punishable by law.

A shoulder to the face, although wrong, is insignificant compared to the whole bunch of low level attacks from Sonnen which were overlooked by the comission, Dana etc. If he is so self assure of his qualities, why would he need to destabilise Anderson anyway?
First, when did I say that Chael was any kind of role model or ambassador of the sport? Chael said a lot of messed up things, but lots of fighters say a lot of things before a fight. It's all about knowing your boundaries. I'm looking at this fight and only this fight, forget the fight in the past because Chael already paid the punishment for his actions.

This last fight, Chael said a lot of messed up stuff but never crossed any real boundaries. Everything can be attributed to hyping the fight.

Anderson crossed those boundaries multiple times by cheating in the octagon and striking him at the weigh ins.

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