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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
I don't think the type of bat matters to be honest. A metal bat probably provides you with slightly more force, but if you smash someone in the head/neck with a wooden bat they are going to sleep just as quick. There is little doubt the batguy will deal the first blow. The question is, will that initial blow be impactful enough to stop knifeguys foreward momentum, strike him to the ground and finish him off.

To the people picking bat, what's your strategy going in? Do you move around or do you stand still? What do you aim for? If you miss your first shot, how do you like your chances to be able to strike again?
This is actually not how I see it going. The guy with the bat is not going to touch me with that bat. I'm very quick and that bat is very slow and only the last foot of that bat is dangerous. The bat is also a huge hinderance if you try to move fast or run with it. Basically coming forward and swinging or planting your feet and swinging are your two choices. But where it gets tricky is that if you come forward with the bat and the guy with the knife comes forward the knife guy wins. Best strategy IMO with the bat is to plant your feet and keep that bat around your waist, expectially against a guy like myself there is no way I'm gonna connect to the head with my first swing. I'd try to simply keep the other guy from rushing me. And if I can take out one of his legs I'd pretty much have him, but with that bat even in one hand is going to really slow me down where as that knife is easy to run around with.

Even best case scenario if the knife guy rushes me I'm probably gonna die.

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