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Yea, the guy with the bat has to commit with his swing also. The knife guy could pump fake and get a swing out of it, and rush him then. That's why I chose the knife in the first place. The guy with the bat has one chance pretty much, and he has to connect beautifully. Odds are, if it hits my back or my other arm, my adrenaline will mask a lot of the pain and allow me to continue since I'm in a fight to the death.

Hell, I saw a video on youtube with a guy helping a buddy out who's getting jumped by a gang guys get hit in the head with a metal baseball, and he just turned around and looked at the guy. It made a loud crack and it came in with some force, and the dude had his back turned so he didn't even see it coming. It wasn't even wobbled.

After seeing that, it leads me to believe that worst case scenario I could maybe absorb a blow and get inside and start stabbing. Once I land the first stab, it's pretty much game over for the other guy.

I'd need to go to the hospital soon after the fight lol.

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