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Round 1 - Referee Dave Hagen calls this lightweight fight. Hirota leads with a left hook, and Healy prays with the same. They tie up, and Healy fires off a knee and elbow to close out. Hirota leads with a hook, and they tie up. Hirota pushes to the cage, and Healy goes with rabbit punches. Hirota adjusts grip and takes Healy down with a bodylock. Hirota in half-guard, working to advance position. Right hands from the Japanese fighter. The two are stood up after several moments of stalemate. Healy looks to counter, but they end up tying up instead. Hirota counters on the break, and again, they tie. Hirota pressing to the cage, but Healy reverses. Then it's Hirota reversing. One more reversal before they break. Hirota scores with a punch and healy goes hard for the takedown. Hirota blocks it and presses Healy against the cage. Healy struggling to do much of anything. Healy escapes and misses with an elbow. Leg kick lands. Hirota with a three-shot that ends with good left hook. Healy blocks the next combo and presses to the cage. Hirota escapes and eats a leg kick. Hirota's combo blocked and a brief tie up. Hirota with a nice combo, and he presses to the cage again. Hirota eats an elbow off the cage after some more jockeying for position. scores the first frame 10-9 for Hirota.

Round 2 - Hirota again on the punches when they start, and they lock up. A frenzied exchange, and both fighters land big in close. Healy presses forward, and Hirota nails him on the counter. Healy with a big right hand. They lock up, and Healy with a knee and elbow. Hirota presses to the cage and gets a trip takedown. Healy works a switch as Hirota drives forward. Hirota's nose is badly bloodied. Healy getting up, and Hirota tries to work to the back before Healy escapes. They tie u again after another exchange, and it's Hirota pressing Healy to the links. Healy reverses and works knees and short punches. Healy talks to ref about something. Hirota escapes, and Healy shoots. He gets a double and dumps Hirota to the crowd's delight. Healy goes to work on ground and pound. Hirota tries to shrimp away, but Healy has his legs. Maybe not…Hirota recovers to his hands and knees against the cage as Healy redoubles his efforts to get the takedown. But HIrota is up. COrnerman Matt Lindland is advising healy to keep him there. Healy with an elbow off the clinch, and both swing for the fences. But it's Hirota who's working better in punching exchanges. Healy ducks under and shoots, but can't complete takedown. He settles for pressing Hirota against the cage and firing off an elbow to close the frame. Close round, but gives it to Hirota, 10-9 for a 20-18 score.

Round 3 - It isn't long before they're clinched again, and Hirota again presses to the fence. Healy working to escape, but instead reverses and drops for a takedown. Hirota fights it and reverses. Healy with a knee, and he's got position now. Referee separates them, and Healy presses. But this time, it's Healy who gets the better of a long exchange, and he presses Hirota to the cage. He gets a leg, but can't elevate and complete it. Hirota is just about to his butt, and referee warns them to improve position. Healy has ever so slowly gotten Hirota to the ground, but Hirota soon pops up, and Healy gets off and elbow. Healy again with a takedown attempt, and he's got Hirota on his back, finally. Hirota tying up in hopes of a standup, and he kick Healy off. Hirota counters brilliantly in the subsequent exchange, and Healy dives for a takedown, landing in Hirota's guard. Healy works ground and pound as Hirota tries to kick him off. Hirota gets up and Healy hangs on his back. Time runs out before he can do anything. It's another close frame, but gives it to Healy by a nose, 10-9, and the fight 29-28. Pat Healy def. Mizuto Hirota via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

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