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Originally Posted by StandThemUp View Post
No different than any Hollywood Stuntman. Everything is staged and everything is preplanned. That doesn't mean it isn't dangerous or risky.
Obviously that guy knew he was getting thrown. You could see him go with the flow rather than try to fight it. He pretty much threw himself into those chairs. But that doesn't mean it didn't hurt.

All this Professional Wrestling Stuff is just like Hollywood stunt acting. Which is fine and it totally stands on it's own. I just have no fricken clue why it's even mentioned in the same breath as real MMA. There needs to be a much larger seperation between the two, and unfortunately guys like Chael Sonnen come along and continue to perpetuate the myth that MMA fighters are no different than "Pro" Wrestlers.
Not really, pro-wrestling is a sport or more specifically a skill that involves a tremendous amount of athleticism and mostly cardio training. If it were real most of these guys would be dead hell most of them die already because people believe it's all "fake". 200lb men flipping around a ring three times a week 52 weeks a year takes a lot out of them. You ever meet a pro-wrestler in his 60's or 70's you'll see the toll it takes on them.

The irony or irony's is that many of them were legitimate athletes before they went into pro-wrestling. MMA has given these wrestlers a chance to earn money and compete and stay healthy in MMA organizations if not many of them would go through the meat grinder of pro-wrestling.

Let me tell you a little story. Lawrence Taylor once main evented Wrestlemania, LT is arguably the greatest most athletic professional football player of all time. He wrestled one match, he would never do it was to hard for him.
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