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Originally Posted by Ming Fu View Post
The man is what 38 now? He is getting up there and should be on the decline. This is why I don't care much for a fight with Jones. I think the window for Anderson to be moving around weight classes has passed. If Anderson beats Jones then it just adds another win on his record, but if he loses I think most people would say,"Well he is too old, and he isn't fighting in his natural weight etc..." I for one think his legacy as the top p4p fighter of all time is already cemented in my mind regardless if he starts losing.

Or do you guys think that he still needs to keep winning like Henderson and Couture do/did at their respective ages?
A loss for Anderson Silva wouldn't tarnish his legacy... but it definitely would make people start talking more about if he is "beyond his prime" and should retire.

I think Anderson Silva's situation would be different from Fedor. The reason why Fedor's stock fell so much was because after Pride he wasn't fighting top guys. So people started to dispute his "best heavyweight ever" status because of this... then when he starting losing... it just proved those people's thoughts. I think Fedor had a loss coming to him a lot sooner... he just happened to find that one punch against Arvloski and Brett Rogers.
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