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Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
IMO Jon Jones has way more to lose than Silva, can you picture if he lost to Silva and then dominated the UFC for the next 10 years. Would you really call him the Goat?

Jones would lose:

His belt
Technically undefeated record
Legacy would be tarnish forever
Not saying Jones doesn't have anything to lose. Never said that.

I just think a 38 year old Anderson who is not only 13 years older...but the smaller at a more of a disadvantage.

And how would Jones "lose" the GOAT title? He has never held it yet.

ANderson is considered GOAT. So if Jones lost to Anderson he only lost to the best fighter ever. If ANderson loses he lost to a young beast....but not the best fighter of all time.

Also....Jones doesn't have an Aura yet. He is just damned skilled and physically dominates the 205 division. Other than his sub of Machida he hasn't done anything that has given me goosebumps like Anderson does basically each fight out.

If the 38 year old ma n who is about done in the sport was the 205er here. While Jones the young beast was coming up in weight....I'd be all for it. But why would Anderson go up in weight at this point in his career to face perhaps the most beastly fighter ever? Why would he just want to let Jones rip GOAT title away from him when Jones is the prime fighter who doesn't even have to go up or down?

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