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Originally Posted by Sydvicious80 View Post
I have years of wrestling experience from when I was in school, but I have now taken up Judo, at the ripe age of 32!
I've only started 3 weeks ago and I really enjoy it, but I know myself and I am already thinking about competing

I know all to well that I am nowhere near ready for that, so I thought I'd ask here. What would be a realistic target, timewise, for someone like me, concidering my age as well, to go through the grades?
If there are any UK based posters, are there 'beginners' competitions or something like that?
I can't remember when I started competing, but I'd say that as soon as you've learned to fall properly (to prevent injury) and are confident in doing at least one throwing technique yourself (so you can do something with your opponent), you are ready to go to a competition. That depends on how fast you learn. Kids are thrown into the cold water (competition) quite early after a couple of months, already as white belts. As for the grades, that also depends on how often you train and how fast you learn. Ask you trainer, he will be better at estimating your progress than anyone on an internet forum could do.

Cheers and have fun!
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