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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
Not what I meant at all. Just because Testosterone is produced naturally within the human body, it does not mean that pumping in additional testosterone isn't using steroids. A legal steroid is still a steroid.

I'm not saying the use of TRT is akin to hardcore anabolic juicing. It can, however, if used in excess, greatly enhance a fighters ability.

I'm on the side where if you have to boost your T levels in order to be competitive in a sport, then you shouldn't be in that sport. Either everyone does TRT, or no one does. A level playing field is what I'd (naively) want to see.
Beautiful post. I'd rep you if I didn't have to spread it first.

Testosterone is indeed a steroid. Injecting yourself with testosterone is indeed steroid use. Many gels, creams or pills that can be used in TRT have steroids that mimic testosterone in them meaning they are indeed anabolic steroids.

Just because the usage of these drugs is at a lower dose level then commonly used in body building does not mean that it doesn't give one's body a significant advantage in reparation time from recovery, conditioning etc.

I'm personally disgusted and embarrassed with it's use and abuse in MMA. It's used to treat hypogonadism and in no way, shape or form should it be used as a loop hole in a flawed system for aplha male fighters to get an adavantage over the competition.

I take retribution in knowing that it results in suppression of spermatogeneis and likely has detrimental effects to DNA replication machinery and other cellular machinery.

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