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Um, GSP hasn't gone anywhere. Yes he hasn't fought in a while, but he has still been well involved with the MMA media all through out his surgery and healing process. It's not like he disappeared of the face of the earth.

Originally Posted by Sterl View Post
Charisma? Don't know if I can agree with that.

Infact I'd say his personality fits his fighting style extremely well. Safe, boring and leaves you wanting more.

Georges will always be the super talented, mentally strong, extremely dangerous guy who just left me wanting so much more out of his fights then he gives. Yes he dominates, but I can't support anyone who can't finish guys like Dan Hardy. Just my opinion.
I'm also with this.

As excellent as a personality as he has been, his fights are kinda...meh. The only reason I find them to be exciting is because they're championship fights, but as far as the MMA aspect of it, I find JBJ and Anderson Silva's fights to be much more exciting.

Also, I wouldn't see him not fighting in the WW division in a while to be an empty presence, but more of an evening out of the whole division. Every bodies pretty much close to the same level, rather than one guy be well above everyone else. But to tell you the truth, I think Carlos Condit is going knock GSP out, not because GSP has gotten worse, but because I think Condit has the finishing skills to end GSP's winning streak.
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