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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Also ex-fighters aren't really a perfect solution. Sure they will know what's happening, but they are just as biased. I'm pretty sure if Rampage Jackson and Damien Maia watched a round of back and forth action, ground, clinch and striking they would score it differently. Richardo Almedia(SP) got his first big judge spot. It was the Kos v Hendricks fight, he was the only one to score it for Kos. So make what you will of that.

Not to be that guy, but honestly you know who was a great judge. Eddie Bravo, does anyone remember when he did the unoffical scorecard thing for the ufc a long time ago. I heard him talk about the way he judged fights once and I thought his system was the best. He would take notes of just about everything that way when a round ended he wouldn't forget what had happened or if he did he could read it before he scored the round. It sounded great to me, I forget sometimes what has happened at the beginning of a round and am guilty of scoring a round to a guy who steals it late when it probably should have gone the other way, so judges probably do it a lot too. There is a reason "stealing rounds" is a legit thing.
Good points about the ex fighters..

And yeah Eddie Bravo would be a great judge. When guys like Soti are on their backs they shouldn't be losing rounds, they are most often in mission control or meat hook and throwing strikes while neutralising their opponents offence.

As long as he's not biased towards BJJ then he'd be excellent. Do you remember which fights he judged? I'm pretty sure he commentated a card once a while ago aswell (might be wrong).

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