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Originally Posted by Flooreyoga View Post
I can understand that but to be single for years also is a sign that maybe you need to change your mindset.
The other thing that kind of upsets me about them is their thinking that everyone should devote time to exercise. Okay, everyone should but not everyone has 4 hours a day to devote to 3 different muscle groups and to cook clean and healthy.
People have jobs, families, school and so on. These fitness models do this for a living so yeah, they will invest the time. It just seems like they think they are so great, yada yada.

Any of you men dated a fitness model?
Any of you women had fitness models as friends?
Experiences, stories, etc.
How would u go about getting fit (ripped) with no equipment.
i only do body weight exercises and probs won't be able to get membership for a gym or money for home equipment. so, is it possible?

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