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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
That's the point though, Eddie however hard he might try you're going to be biased.

For example, let's say fighter A comes out, rocks fighter B and is beating him up, he almost finishes him, but fighter B survives. All this happened in the first minute, then the fight stays standing until minute with evenly exchanged combos. At the three minute mark fighter B gets a take down, passes guard gets mount, but doesn't do a lot of damage. Fighter A escapes and gets back to his feet at the two minute mark. Then at the one minute mark fighter A gets a take down, but immediately gets caught in a triangle/armbar. They fight until the very last second and finally Fighter A escapes.

Now, how do you score that? They both have a take down, the striker got his best possible outcome with a win, an almost TKO, and Fighter B the grappler got his best possible outcome, a guard pass dominate position and an almost sub. So it's even, in an ideal world that's a 10-10. Now to refer back to my earlier post, if the judge is Rampage, that round goes to fighter A, if it's Maia that went to Fighter B.
I see that as 10-10, which these new rules now allow. Hopefully nobody ever gets Rampage to score fights

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