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Originally Posted by BOMDC View Post
Yup. All I took from it is that even more weight will be given to wrestling. Question for everyone:

Fighter A & B start the first round.

After around a minute of feel out with no significant strikes landed fighter A starts to find his range and lands a couple good jabs and say 2 straight counters.

Realizing that he is losing on the feet, fighter B shoots in for a TD around 2:00 in and is stuffed.

Fighter A starts getting more aggressive and lands a multi punch combo. Fighter B tries to circle out but is caught with power shot and is staggered.

Fighter B goes in for a TD at 2:30 in and gets it.

Fighter B stays in guard landing say 10-15 arm punches.

There are a few sub attempts with fighter A trying to get a high guard but nothing close and fighter B finishes the round on top staying heavy and avoiding any sweeps, completely controlling the position.

Who wins that round?

I would think Fighter A based on the 2:30 minutes of standing control and landing the only significant strikes on the feet. However, I think a majority of judges would give it to B. How would you score and what do you think an average MMA judge would score it.
Hmm, I would personally think A should take the round, but I think the fact that B took control for the last two minutes instead of the first two, that fighter B would get it more times than not. I think there should be more 10-10 rounds though.
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