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Originally Posted by RustyRenegade View Post
I had never heard about this so I googled it and I have to say I pretty much agree with the Hand Grenade. White kids trying to adopt another culture is like a slap in the face to the people that raised them and the rap game, although popular with some, seems terribly idiotic and stereotypical to me.

Functionally illiterate people who don't have jobs shouting that they **** bitches, sling rocks, and drive lowriders in between drive by shootings seem very unconstructive to me but I'm old fashioned I guess.

To say he's a shitty person or that he's wrong because his opinion differs is nonsense. Not too mention children today are the most spoiled, self centered, protected generation with the least amount of work ethic or ambition in history makes me think that he's just about spot on with his assessment

As far as worst attitude outside of the ring I'd go with Joe Son since he rapes women with pistols and all that. Brendan Schaub is also a pretty serious asshat on a smaller level with his style of calling out aging fighters after they've declined.
hahaha i agree. Joe son has to be the worst. If only Hackney had finished him.

I've met quite a few fighters and sorta kinda gotten to know a few. Matt Hughes is among the very best.

The only bad one i ever met was ricco rodrigeuz. An obnoxious "gods gift to women" "do you know who I am" ass.

as for who comes across bad in the media... i vote for Karo Parisyan.

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