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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
That was a dick thing to say.

He mentioned in his book that some drunken fan came up to him and Militech and told them that he was saving his money up so he could come train at the Militech camp for a month. Hughes mentioned Militech laughed and told the fan he wouldn't last a day. It was probably true but still a dick thing to tell someone. I'm sure he got told stuff like that all the time. Maybe he got sick of people telling him how they were going to be the next big thing. Maybe he just is an asshole.
Adam wasn't even telling him that he was going to be the next big thing or that he was going to train at the Miletich camp. He was just telling him that he had been training for his debut when he was diagnosed with cancer. It pure douchebaggery on his part. I actually got removed from the building for saying that to Hughes.

Before that he and I were huge Hughes fans. Afterwards not so much.

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