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Two swank MT workouts this week, augmented with rolling and hopefully some running. My insurance company has been very slow to send the flex plan check, having "lost" the proof of payment and claim form I submitted 5 weeks ago. I resubmitted it over a week ago and I'm going to call them again tomorrow.

I've been polite this whole time, but it's created an embarrassing situation with my gym (not my BJJ gym, the gym up the road from me that has treadmills and a ring) my door code doesn't work even though the owner has the signed debit card from my insurance company, that is to say $250 worth of collateral. All of this could be avoided if this gym acquired a debit card processing machine.

Things are rather more eventful at home than I'd like. Thank Saraswathi and Pee-Wee Herman that I'm paid and saving some of it.

EDIT: 2 glasses of wine, a Scotch coffee (dewar's, ice, 1T half-and-half, coffee) have mellowed me out but i just can't continue to drink this way if I want to compete in late Aug or do a 4 mile obstacle race in mid Oct.

EDIT PART DEUX: I got asked angrily "Who is all that ornamental underwear for?" My simple, truthful, one-word answer: Me. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen this already.

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