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R1: Newton open with a series of low kicks. Vegh throws a 1-2 and tacks on a nice roundhouse kick to the body. Vegh sidesteps a jab and counters with a hook. Newton connects on a right hand after they collide. Newton gets the clinch but Vegh circles off the fence. Newton ends 2 charging combinations with body kicks that connect.

Newton goes high with a kick now and Vegh is too gunshy. Vegh goes over the top with a right hand to counter more punches from Newton. Newton getting fancy by throwing a jumping side kick before scoring a quick takedown, but Vegh is immediately back to his feet. Double side kicks from Newton. Nice 5-punch combo from Vegh to close the round, but it's answered by Newton. 10-9 Newton for the higher volume and more effective striking.

R2: Vegh's a little more aggressive to open the 2nd but Newton establishes a stiff flurry. Side kick from Newton, then a low kick and punches. Vegh corners Newton perfectly but doesn't squeeze the trigger in time. Newton initiates a clinch and thwacks short knees to the thigh, then a few to the head that land.

Vegh peels himself away with wrist control and they restart in the center. Newton continues to outwork Vegh, who's way too complacent at this point. Spinning back kick from Newton as his confidence soars. Nice inside low kick from Vegh, then a side-step counter shot. Double right hands and then another side kick scores for Newton. Decent set of shovel punches from Vegh with 20 seconds left but it doesn't make up for ground lost. 10-9 Newton.

R3: Low kick and overhand right to start the round for Newton. Newton eats a kick when dropping levels for a takedown, but he slips around to Vegh's back for a moment, then gets clipped with a knee from Vegh on his way back up. Vegh is relentlessly timid again and doesn't press the attack. The Greco Roman wrestler continues to out-strike the Kenpo practitioner.

Newton getting creative and throwing whatever he wants at Vegh: side kicks, low kicks, overhand lefts and takedown attempts in any combination. They're not all landing but some are and Vegh is merely defending. Vegh trying to counter but there's no mustard on his punches and Newton just keeps coming forward. Vegh tries another of his final-second flurries but he gave this one away. 10-9 Newton for a clean sweep on my card.

Florida's judging proves to be laughable again as one judge sees it 29-28 for Emmanuel Newton but the others have it 30-27 and 29-28 for Atilla Vegh, who wins by split decision.

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