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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
Civ IV is leaps and bounds better then V. And G&K, even though I havent put in that many hours playing it yet, was a HUGE improvement in gameplay and replayvalue. I played tons of Civ V while I was in the navy last year, and it doesn't leave you craving for more the way IV did. The games play out rather similar after a while and if there are two capable players playing against eachother, more often then not the games will turn out as a stalemate and a race for scientific victory. G&K creates a much more diverse, more fullfilling experience.

Vanilla Civ V is a fun game, dont get me wrong, but G&K took it above and beyond what it was when first released.
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I guess, if Faith is a big deal for you. Personally, I liked it's implementation in IV better, but sure, it improved V from what we had.

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