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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
Too bad we can't get too see what she's working with under there. Ash got a boobjob and a new haircut in the 3rd, can't let that go to waste.
FWIW Liara also got a boobjob. I guess all these ladies had a little more developing to do over the years, lol.

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
You can see Tali in ME3, she leaves a picture of herself up in your room for you later on in the game.

Sadly, it's a stock photo that you can find on the internet years ago that Bioware horribly photoshopped, instead of actually designing her so that they could save money and cut corners like they did with Dragon Age 2. Quite pathetic.
That's more common than one might think in video game productions. A lot of artists start with a physical model (who they in some cases did not pay to use as a base) and then build their model/portrait on it. Remember the Neverwinter Nights scandal when several of their portraits were practically identical to some celebrity photos? One was virtually identical to an angelina jolie photo. Not surprised they just grabbed a royalty-free image for Tali, TBH.

Found the thread I remembered seeing it in, but unfortunately it looks like the image links are all dead. 9 years old :/

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