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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
Yeah, and that doesnt surprise me really. I mean I doubt they ever bothered to model a face under the helmet, why would they? So faced with paying for concept art, then modellers, texture artists, maybe even animators if you want to have an option for her to have multiple expressions and so forth... i could see the worker-hours hitting thousands of dollars, maybe tens of, which does seem expensive for the purposes of putting a photo on a desk.

It's too bad though, as fully developing a suitless tali would open doors for later DLC that I think a lot of fans would dig.
For a multi-million dollar company backed by a multi-billion dollar company, making a $60 product that is supposed to be high end, quickly Photoshopping an entire character model after 2 games of most being curious about the look of her is unacceptable as a consumer and is one of the many reasons why many hate both of them these days, especially EA, winning the "worst company in America" award this year.

It is what it is, but I certainly don't support horrible companies like that, that's why any EA/Bioware games I buy are used and recycled so they get no profit, and at this point, probably won't even do that.


On an unrelated note, I just finished my first full game of Civilization V. I got 1st place and won on general points (I think, maybe someone can explain this to me)? The first half of the game I was being diplomatic, made friends with most city-states and allied with a few of them, then I helped...someone can't remember who, go to war with France as France was trying to get in on my land as it was, we took them out then the guy I allied with to take down France got all mad that I did so (weird), so I took him out and then just gradually became a military power instead of being diplomatic (although I was still friends with Rome/City-States) and killed them off one by one, getting free upgraded troops from my City-State allies. The only city capital that was left was Siam who was on a different continent, I had a navy/ships but by the time I nuked Rome, the game was like 5 turns from finishing so never got over there.

I also just bought Splinter Cell Conviction for 5 bucks on Steam, I already beat the game a long time ago but I want to play it again on PC (played 360 version), and my friend also picked it up today, so we can co-op as well, which I hear is 4-6 hours long or so.
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