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Originally Posted by lrodriguez0233 View Post
My name is Levi Rodriguez, i am a 19yr old male. im 6'0" and weigh about 250lbs. I built pretty well but could be better. I played varsity football all throughout highschool and was a star athlete. After high school I quit playing sports and working out(except for the occasional football game at the park with friends and the backyard boxing matches with them). I moved out of my parents house and spent all my time focus on work and trying to make a living. I recently lost my job and since im about to lose EVERYTHING and have nowhere to go i figured i would take this time to try and get into the MMA world. My problem is i dont have any money and i want to get into a gym so bad and start getting back into shape so I can make a career out of this. Does anyone know of someone that may be able to help and sponsor me?
First off even if you get sponsored you need to be grounded in life. That means you need a support group; friends, girlfriend, mentors, and most importantly FAMILY. I know tons of people in the same situation and I'll tell you it AINT EASY AT ALL. That's when you learn to become a man. Nobody to cook for you, nobody to pay the bills, you're on your own. First off you need to get settled in with a place to stay; relative, friends, or in your case a local gym. You gotta do your own research there to see what gyms are available then strike up a conversation with the owner. Don't play the "guilt card" and whine and shiet. Everybody has problems in life. Man up and tell em you're ready to do what it takes. If you truly say who you are then it'll shine and if the circumstance is right they may take you in. Make you clean the place and let you crash in the gym. But know this your career won't start til years from now. Your athletic prowess will give you a leg up, but there are others' like you. Look at Jose Aldo, Anderson Silva, Pat Barry (eating ketchup and rice), Jeff Monson (living out of his car), and countless other MMA fighters who've been in the same situation. If you get a chance read Mike Tyson's book Bad Intentions. From juve to becoming a star pupil under Cus, youngest HW champ, prison, champ again, downward spiral, and now he's become spiritual and I believe has regained himself. He's a changed man for the better through his experiences. I believe he would make a very good trainer.

Anyways, you're young. You got the whole world at your hands. You just don't know it yet...

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