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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Had to chuckle...maybe it merged or didn't register properly. All good we all know you post up good articles. Cormier will be fighting the UFC HW champ by 2013 to set up the first and last unification belt that was left vacant by Overeem.

I'm still surprised he beat Barnett that thoroughly. People don't realize Barnett is probably top five if not maybe even top three. His career has been marred by PEDS unfortunately, plus he is a bit of arrogant bastard. I really wonder how him vs Fedor would have been like. Can't believe Fedor retired with little fanfare. The only one that got away...
note that although a solid fighter, barnett was never really a top five or even top 10. He has ok striking d,good td and great transition from td to top control but that is it.

barnett is a good grappler, when it comes to scrambling he is THE expert. However his ground game was never amount the best due to his lack of offensive guard. his lower body is pretty much dead if he is placed on bottom.the only thing he is good at from there is an explosive upa. but seriously no open guard,no hip movement,even no shrimping most of the time? you simply can’t call that good ground game.

basically if barnett can't take you down he is screwed, either be picked apart by striker(crocop), or got gnped till the end(cormier),or tapout(kerr in grappling,btw barnett is the only person i know whom mark kerr actually submitted in grappling matches)

frank mir's ground game is at the opposite end. I don't think any one need to be reminded about mir's slick guard. since both barnett and mir are not likely taking cormier down,i think mir's offensive guard makes a major difference. when mir falls, cormier will not feel like jumping right into his guard as much as he did to barnett. I think they will be on their feet most of the time,at least way more than cormier-barnett bout. given that mir is probably a better striker than barnett,this one will definitely be tougher for cormier.

personally i think cormier is only behind jds and cain(let along the unpredictable overeem).he will slowly pick mir apart standing using his advantage in speed. but mir is a legit opponent to test cormier‘s true strength, at least better than other possible option
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