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Found out today that my friend's kid who is 9 was being bullied by a few kids down the road the last week or so, being shoved some and stuff. He asked his dad what to do, his dad taught him how to throw a punch and be confident, telling him that they are just kids like you not adults, you hit them once they won't want anything to do with you anymore, be a man and deal with this, you will thank yourself later trust me.

Apparently yesterday they tried to do it again, and he hit lit them on fire and they took off running, his dad was watching making sure he was handling it okay. The dad of those kids talked to my friend today and thanked him for telling his kid to do that, that it should make his boys mind more and sturdy up.

From what my friend told me, his son has been on cloud 9 feeling good about himself, feeling like he protected himself, feeling like a man and that he can take on the world.

Good parenting on both sides, an ass whooping always solves this problem, rather than crying to your mom and slitting your wrists.
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