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Graphics Competition (READ)

Welcome to another Graphics Competition. This competition will put the winner into the "Graphics Champions" roster in the sticky thread, making your name a part of this forum forever.
This time it's going to be a bit different, you are going to get PAID to register and join, it will be like a contract, I pay you to join and take part and get your work done on time and submitted.

So, you are wondering "I get paid to join, what is the point? Why would I want to try hard and win if I get credits anyways?" Good question, and here's the answer:
the winner gets 250k more than what I pay for you to register, and the winning work gets put into a new "MMAF Graphics Showcase" thread.
It's a thread that will be used to put the best artwork we have on this forum, for all to see, with the artists name next to it.
We are paying you credits to try your very best to get this forum's best work on showcase.



Your choice (sig, poster, anything in between)
Theme: Your choice (must follow basic forum rules)
Size: 750 X 750 maximum, 450 X 250 minimum
Due Date After 5 members sign up, the date will be 1 week from then.

-Entry compensation/prizes-

Registration: each person who registers gets 50k credits.
You all get paid after 5 member sign up

Winner: 250k credits with your work in the new,
soon to be made "MMAF Graphics Showroom" thread

2nd Place:
100k credits

3rd Place: 50k credits

Voters: If you vote you will receive 10k credits for participating.


2. KRY
3. Leakler
4. Trix
5. Toxic (maybe)

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