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Originally Posted by MRBRESK View Post
I am from Australia. This is all done on a ratio though, so it would mean you have more psychopaths per 100 people. I'm surprised the murder rate isn't higher in the UK because there's so many people in such a small area there.

If people are carrying guns and they know they can use them to defend themselves then you are going to have a lot more people shot dead in moments of heat. In Australia if you have an argument with somebody you are either going to have a fist fight and leave it at that or if the guy is a real psycho then he'll have a knife. But a knife is a lot easier to get away from than a gun.

Allowing people to have guns would be fine in a utopian society but the fact is there are people that misuse them and pulling a trigger is a lot easier for someone to do than beating someone with a blunt object or stabbing them until they die.
Out of the 311,000,000 people in America, 300,000,000 own a gun. 60,000 people get shot per year in America (both dying and surviving the wound, this is not talking about accidental shootings, this is purely trying to murder someone).

That means that out of all the people who own guns in America, 0.2% of them try to kill others with them.

Guns aren't the problem.

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