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Originally Posted by MRBRESK View Post
60,000 is still way too high.. Yeah you are right that a psychopath is going to kill anyway, but it doesn't take a psychopath to pull a trigger.
It does take a very disturbed person to pull a trigger without due regard for the life of another.

PGI, you are in here now, do you think civilians should be able to have guns? Do you ever have difficulty in your workplace because of idiots with guns?

Most definitely. Just about every mass murder throughout history would have been very different if there was an armed civilian there.

I believe it is a very extinguishable right though. Background checks should be done, convicted felons should not be allowed to carry them, nor should people with restraining orders placed against them. I think that people should have to pass a training class as well. Proficiency and safety with the weapon is a must if they want to carry concealed.

EDIT: 99% of the problems I've run into at work of idiots with guns are criminals who obtained the guns illegally. The vast majority are gang members or drug dealers. I have arrested a sovereign citizen (look it up if unfamiliar) with a gun concealed on his person. He was a pain in the ass. That was about it.

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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