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Originally Posted by MRBRESK View Post
60,000 is still way too high.. Yeah you are right that a psychopath is going to kill anyway, but it doesn't take a psychopath to pull a trigger.

PGI, you are in here now, do you think civilians should be able to have guns? Do you ever have difficulty in your workplace because of idiots with guns?
Those 60,000 would have gotten hurt or killed anyways by the ones wanting to do so. The gun was the tool, not the cause.

The percentage alone shows that guns aren't the problem, only .02% of the people who own guns actually use them to harm anybody, the problem is the crazy .02% of people.

As for civilians owning guns, as shown above, it's perfectly fine, we are not hurting anyone with guns more than we'd hurt anyone with any other tool, it just so happens guns are the easiest tool to get, if you got rid of them crazies and nut jobs would go after the next easiest tool. If anything, civilians can protect themselves against criminals with guns, how many people do you think were not robbed/attacked in their home based on a criminals assumption of "I wonder if he has a gun, maybe we shouldn't break in".
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