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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Saying that you like to get into physical confrontations is perfectly understandable, but that has nothing to do with courage/loyalty/intelligence/discipline, or any other trait other than being excited for physical confrontation. Keep in mind, the "average" person has varying quantities of all these traits, but if you are say a cop, you do not automatically have them, it's just a job and you are just a human, with the same varying quantities.
It's not just a matter of "liking" to get into physical confrontations. It's training your mind and your body to the point where you yearn for that righteous battle. We are human and members of society. However we also protect society. That is a privilege that few are capable of or want to do. I can easily say that not all police officers have this mindset. Although I believe they should. This is similar to the way a scientist yearns for knowledge in their field of study. It's just a matter of personal preference in what you choose to dedicate your life to.

I'm not trying to downgrade your job or anything, having any actual "career" is respectable and lucky, considering the job market and availability of anything you could call a "career", plus to reach anything in life takes time and effort, so don't take it the wrong way. I just find that quote to be far too "high and mighty" considering the actualities of the job compared to other jobs (in that they are on the same playing field), although you addressed that "high and mighty" thing at the end of your post, to which I say -
I'm incredibly lucky. I know this. Things are not easy right now and I have a good job doing what I love.

The high and mighty thing happens to be a side effect of the job. Criminals use intimidation... even against us. We have to have the mindset that we're the baddest mother ****ers out there. That way when we deal with the bad guys they know we won't be walked over like (most) of the sheep. If you display weakness to them, they will eat you alive. Every rookie in this job experiences it. That mindset is also difficult to just "switch" off when dealing with the asshole and then changing to the law abiding citizen. This is how a lot of police officers get bad reputations.

I believe that I'm very good at switching it off. I have even had several citizens call to my supervisor to compliment me on my professionalism. Other officer struggle with this. I'm sure you've all had bad experiences... as have I.

I really don't consider myself better than any other average person except when it comes to my area of expertise. I believe I have rare skills and a mindset that most other people don't. But so do other people which relates to their areas of expertise.

I appreciate the civil discussion. I always love hearing rational peoples point of views on law enforcement (even if they have an unfavorable one). I can't count how many people just like to say "**** the police" and make brainless insults like calling us "pigs". I usually don't even waste my time with that.

I'm definitely ranting now.

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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