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In This Situation What Would You Do (If Anything)

Okay, so I've reached an impasse in my life, and everything seems to have come to a stand still. Nothing exciting seems to happen any more but most of all I hate my job. It's boring as hell, and the hours are painful. However, it is a job (and for that I'm thankful)and most importantly all it requires is an internet connection.

Now, if I do fail at finding a good job with decent career prospects I'm joining the Navy at the beginning of next year (it's not a rash decision, I've thought about it for years). I'm 24 now and action needs to be taken otherwise in 10 years I'll probably be where I am today (which is nowhere).

I feel this an apt time to mention that I'm drinking life juice (beer) which is where these thought are coming from. Nay, these thoughts have been here for a long time, the juice gives me the need to voice them, haha.

So, I ask you this. Given that my job only requires an internet connection to secure me a full time wage, what would you do with it? I want something exciting in my life, and I have about half a year to have some adventures.
With a passport and a laptop in hand where would you go? I'm talking going somewhere, staying in a cheap motel/hotel, working/drinking (and hopefully getting laid, foreign country style) and seeing some cool shit and maybe training at various gyms!

Where would you go? What would you do? And most of all, is it even possible to do something like that?

No, I have given this no reasonable amount of thought.
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