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I bought Skyrim Dawnguard on Xbox (duh), so started a new character as all my saves are gone. I decided on a heavy armor + archery (crossbow) build, so far at level 12 it's holding up very well. The combat is basically shoot from distance (not stealth, not leveling stealth) and have them come at me while shooting away. It's no different than heavy armor + sword/spell or DW, taking damage and giving it back, except it's a high power crossbow, not a sword.

Here's something interesting though, for those who have not played it in a long time like myself, blacksmithing daggers has been nerfed, and hard. Not sure what patch did it, but yeah, what used to get me up 10 levels now gets me up 2-3. So, on one hand it makes the game more fun in regards to power leveling armor (it really makes armor you find in chests/get from quests more useful, as it's so tough to level BS now), on the other if you have played the game for hundreds of hours like myself, it feels soooooo slow.

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