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A 41 year old Dad's journey to his first NAGA contest

I posted this over at sherdog, but after reading some other threads, I noticed the typical internet thugging going on, so I hope posting it here will get a more civil response. That said...

So about 3 months ago, I signed my 7 year old up for (as he calls it), MMA, and after watching him do it, I decided to join myself. Like many people, I enjoy watching UFC and other MMA on TV and have always thought about training as such. A little background:

I am a married father of 4, and a Lt. in the fire service. I have always thought of myself as athletic, though I was decent at several sports, never really good at any one. I was a competitive bodybuilder for about 10 years (drugfree) stopping about 10 years ago. Ironically, it wasnt until I stopped competing in drug free contests did I decide to use steroids for the first time. The results were great, until I stopped. Then the fat gods showed up. With my weight balloning up to almost 265, I decided (maybe a year ago) to vow to get into better shape, not only for myself, but also my family, especially my hot as hell wife, so I would not be embarassed to take off my shirt at the pool.

Since starting MMA, I have dropped more than 30 pounds. Though much of this can be attributed to simply cleaning up my diet, I cant help but think a good portion is the MMA training. My training center does not focus on any one discipline. Each class is different, with striking, muay thai, conditioning, self-defense, and the PIT workouts. However, its the grappling classes that is the most enjoyable for me. So much so that I have decided to try my hand at a NAGA submission contest in October.

I suppose this log is more for me in that it will keep me focused on making daily (or almost daily) entries. What I hope to get out of this log is some tips or insight, or just much appreciated encouragement as an old man like me starts something that I wish I did 20 years ago.

My goals are simple. 1. Win (I'm not doing this to lose). 2. Learn something new (I am just scratching the MMA, especially jiu jitsu, surface). 3. Have fun (the training sucks, especially the pit, but I feel so much better afterwards). 4. Get in better shape. 5. Enjoy a better way of life through MMA. I will post more later, including my training schedule, but please critique all you like. I am, like most on here, learning as I go, and am very much looking forward to this.
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