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I'm gonna vent now, so please don't take me 100% serious right now.

What the hell is going on this week? We're supposed to pay for the whole of Europe now? Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain... Greece wants more money without any restraints attached and isn't even planning on meeting the requirements for the money we already gave them. Now Spain says we should give them even more... why?! A month ago they got all they needed to repair their banks and said they didn't need any more money. So what the hell does that mean? Am I supposed to believe they ****ed it up and their banks are still broken? And for some reason the US financial minister now urges us to do more to save the Euro. Get lost you ****ing idiot. And on top of it all some guy from England WHO IS NOT EVEN FINANCIALLY INVOLVED IN ALL OF IT, I REPEAT, WHO HAS NOT GIVEN ANY FINANCIAL AID TO ANY COUNTRY IN NEED wants us to adopt aaaaaall of Europe's debts. **** YOU.

Rant over.

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