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Originally Posted by EastPhilly
Mosh it up
fo sheeze.

Friday April 13th

Resistance Training: Abs/Hip Flexors

Cable Hip Abudctions 2 sets x 10(each leg)
Captains Chair legraises 3 sets x 15
MT Knees with cables 2 sets x 15(each knee)
Hanging knee raises 3 sets x 10
Weighted cable crunches 2 sets x 15
Oblique twists on chair with 35 2 sets x 20(10 left 10 right)
Cable "treechops" 3 sets x 10 (both sides)
2 sets x 10 reps on grip machines (75 lbs, 100 lbs)

Brazilian JiuJitsu

Me and my partner did 18 2-minute rounds with 30 second breaks inbetween. We each went 3 times from guard, 3 times from oppononents guard, 3 times from side mount, 3 times in opponents side mount, 3 times from mount, 3 times in opponents mount. When submission or position was gained we started over in position we were training. Very good workout overall. We really worked on getting better position, maintaining position, trapping arms, and establishing a strong base.

Heavy Bag Work

1 set 15 of left jab, right straight, left body shot, left hook, sidestep, right hand
1 set 15 of left hook, right straight, left body shot
1 set 15 of left jab, right straight to body, sidestep, right uppercut, right elbow
1 set 15 of left, right, left, right, left body shot, right knee, left knee
1 set 15 of all above but SOUTHPAW

and thats my day

What a stud

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