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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
I've been trying out Star War Galaxies which i understand is completely legal since the guys who are working on the private servers have not used anything from the previous code? I can only imagine how cool this game was back in the day when it came out. Everybody got their own professions, houses, rolepaying, got to put bountys on each other for whatever reason, had to do a screenshot when you saw a jedi because nobody would've believed you. And this game doesn't have character levels which is kinda cool since everybodies sorta equal. Makes working on your skills, profession etc. a lot more meaningful.

That being said, i'm going to start the game.
It had a lot of good qualities and a lot of bad ones and then they kept making it into a different game every update and eventually completely wrecked it because SOE is ******* terrible.
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