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@bud you sir are absolutely right. Definitely not saying Europe needs to change its laws, it works over there.

There is one thing I've yet to bring up, America is a huge place and there are wild animals here that can kill people. Mostly wolves, bears, coyotes, wild dogs, mountain lions, bob cats etc.

Originally Posted by Voiceless View Post
So far, there is no need or even reason for that. As I said:

I've only discussed the validity of the arguments and comparisons, not about the subject of guns. That's two different things.

If at a giving time I entered the discussion about guns (or any other subject) and we didn't get to an agreement on the topic, then I will happily agree to disagree with you
There actually is a need for it.

When I made this thread I came in thinking "oh woah, there is not a lot of knowledge about guns on the forum, I'll make an answer/question thread where I can inform people, it's gonna be easy". I realize now that cultural differences are too great to over come emotional and irrational fear of firearms. I've really put out a ton of information, evidence, studies and statistics about gun ownership and crime. But it's not enough, it's something people feel strongly about. It's something like religion or politics, and I didn't see it that way when I started this thread. So far it's kind of just been bickering and no substance in discussions. Ultimately I just wanted to put the information out there for you guys and not try to win an argument.

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