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Originally Posted by H33LHooK View Post
It's a fun coversation, though.
To not take the discussions too serious and hence not to be tempted to any name calling makes a good ambiance in which it's always good to discuss. I appreciate that very much

Originally Posted by H33LHooK View Post
Would it be a straw-man to submit that there are a number of reasons AS doesn't want to fight Jon Jones, and a big one of those reasons is likely the size and strength differential?
I would say it's either the whole Jones package and primarily his reach (which is the same as Struve's, who lacks Jones' skills, while Silva has about the same reach as most of the HWs and even a slightly longer reach than Dos Santos). Reach plays an important role in Silva's counterstrike approach. And there is more or less no one at HW that poses the same threat P4P-wise as Jones. Or Silva likes Jones, sees the future of (L)HW MMA in him and doesn't want to make him stumble in his young career (conspiracy theory)

AS just isn't a HW. Would he be a dynamic/effective LHW? I think we can all agree that the answer is yes.

But I don't think his body at HW would allow him to do the things that make him successful at MW, and I don't think he would be able to get himself out from under any of the good wrestlers/grapplers at HW.
Unlike Sonnen, the top dogs at HW pack a helluva wallop- one or two would be all it would take..
That I already said: "I agree in that I think IF they get him down, they would cause him quite some trouble, BUT the question is, would a 265er be able to move his bodyweight fast enough to catch a 230 Silva¿ Dos Santos stops most of the take down attempts by just not being there anymore, because he has good distance management."
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