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The silly thing in most people's theories is that several of the top HWs have ALREADY LOST TO LIGHT HEAVYEWIGHTS AND LOWER.

Let alone Anderson ***ing Silva.

Let go off this stupid "HOHOH CHAEL WITH MORE POWER" shit.

Heavyweights suck.

Hunt taking Anderson down?

First of all, Hunt got KTFO in seconds by a Middleweight in Manhoef, and got outgrappled in submitted in a minute or two by a Light Heavyweight, so again, the idea that Anderson is going to lose to some of these guys JUST because he's a Middleweight is laughable.

Also, Anderson was nowhere near as big as Forrest in their fight, I seriously question people's ability to comprehend size other than just height. Forrest was much thicker and it wasn't even close.

And if you argue this point, I really have to question how absolutely ******* dense you can be.

This topic is not "Could Anderson win the HW title" because quite obviously JDS, Cain, Cormier and the likes should be favoured over him...after that...not so much.

Then you get down there to the 7-10 range which in HW standards is laughable and it's a joke to even suggest some of these guys belong in the same cage with a 215-220lb Anderson.

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