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best for KickingAdvice

Looks like you have to work on your flexibility. Make sure that you encorporate a lot of stretching (especially dynamic stretching) to your work outs. Kick stretches will help with the range of movement, that all comes with a bit of repetition and time. I don't subscribe to the "super-flexibility" stretch exercises, and I don't know how being able to pull the splits watch london olympics 2012 live in HD while being suspended between 2 chairs helps you fight. Sure, it's great for book covers, but successfully winning fights can get you there just as quick.

But since you noted that watch london olympics 2012 live in HD you have a hard time kicking above your mid-section, you might take that as an opportunity to work on your form. As it is, the greatest amount of power that can be generated in a kick is generally from the mid-section down, and high kicks tend to be extremely high-risk in actual fights.

Start working you're way up while kicking the bag, gradually make note of where you're kicks are. I'm about you're size and for the most part watch london olympics 2012 live in HD head kicks are about complete extension with the legs, but if flexibility is the problem then I'll wait for trainer to reply.
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