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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
21 wins is impressive, or it is until you list the names - Paul Taylor, Jess Liaudin, Jason Tan, Pete Spratt, Shonie Carter, Forrest Petz, Mike Vaughn, Jason Hathaway, Doug Gordon, Craig Gunder, Andy Normington, Brandon Wolff, Ryan Thomas, Dan Barrera, Charles Blanchard, Kenny Stevens, Rick Delvecchio, Reggie Pena, Kuniyoshi Hironaka, Paul Georgieff, Dan Chambers.

I look at that list and I don't think "watch out GSP we got some badass title contenders coming around".

Yeah I should really focus on the past and not the present. I mean presently I can't watch serious contenders Joe Riggs and Marcus Davis fight. And Ben Saunders...boy nothing says not a C-list fighter than Bellator prelims which is where he last fought....on the Bellator prelims.

Didn't ask a question. It was a facetious statement in an ironic post.

Who said he had to be number 1? I'm just confused by your little hissy fit.

Pretty much...yeah.


Well i guess when you become a fan of MMA in 2011 its a bit hard to know what was going on before then.

Keep talking about GSP or whatever you were doing. I cant waste anymore time on a person that thinks where a fighter is today is the same place where they were 3-4 years ago.
Its not like there is a point to your blabbering.

Cant you go make a different thread look like a Sh!tDog??

Please?? Itl be the only Favor i ever ask of you.

Didn't ask a question. It was a facetious statement in an ironic post.

Do you even remember what you write??

You were claiming i made a statement i didnt make and i corrected you. What in the world are you talking about?

Is this how you troll people??

Well Bravo. *Clap* *Clap*

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