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Eh. The knock out was great. It's crazy how much different fights are to me now since ive been training.

#1. Johnson needs to learn to throw body shots. Swick was blocking 50% of johnson's shots that could have connected but if johnson had thrown 2 to the head and then after swick covered up, gone to the body, it would have been much more proficient instead of trying to slip 3-4 hooks threw mikes cover up.

#2. Swick wasn't utilizing his footwork very well. There were a few times where he was backing into the fence or just standing still trying to counter. His counter striking would be much better if he just simply moved around more.

#3. Swick definitely watches his tape. That kick that he caught was the first kick in the fight, and he caught it. I'm sure he practiced that many times in training, including the follow up.

4#. Swick has a stifling guard. Good sub defense. BUT, that's exactly what it is, stifling. He never attacked or anything like that.. which there is nothing wrong with, I just like to see some rubber guard (stifles and allows you to attack).

5#. Maybe swick was just rocked... but his TDD was not impressive.

GREAT to see swick back, especially with a win and even more so with an impressive knock out.

I'm just worried he's not as good as i thought he was.

P.S. Swick has a nasty right cross. Probably the best part of his game. He faints the jab and leaps with the cross, they never see it coming. Beautiful.

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