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Commercials haven't seemed to hurt the NFL. If the UFC ever wants to compete with the big boys, they and their fans need to accept Network events with commercials. PPV only will never lead to much more than it is.

Hell, the NFL has gotten to the point where people actually look forward to the Superbowl commercials.

So it can be done, it can happen, but they need to do it. If they rely solely on PPV. This sport will quickly stagnate level out at a level much lower than the NFL, NBA and Baseball.
The 3 biggest sports are not on PPV. The 3 Biggest Sports all have commercials and yet they are still the 3 biggest sports.

If the UFC wants to compete with them, they need to find a way to do the same thing. They need to make their money from advertisers and not from PPV sales.
Afterall, who has more money, the fans that buy the PPV's or the Major corporations that pay for commercial time?

It's a no brainer.
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