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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
I find myself doing something here that partly disturbs me. Agreeing with and defending Sideways. Neither are activities I am used to performing but I feel compelled to.

Now I could talk about how he was technically right when it came to the status' of Swick's previous opponents. Or even how much better Swick looks in those pictures. But I'm not going to. I am going to say just back off of him.

His favorite fighter is fighting for the first time in 2 and a half years after overcoming a bad stomach disease. He's excited. Let him enjoy it rather than trying to tear him and his fighter down. Who gives a rat's ass if Johnson isn't that good? Who gives a rat's ass how his past opponent's have turned out?

He's happy for his favorite fighter. Awesome. I'm right there with him. I hope Swick comes in and goes fullbore, old school "punches'n'bunches" on Johnson.
You hit the nail on the head.

Some people are just still butt hurt over past discussions and they let that dictate their posts. I got thick skin though so i dont mind. The part that sucks though is that it ruins potential good discussions. It becomes more about trying to get under my skin then it is about actually having a good discussion. Roflcopter is one of those butt hurt posters that every reply is more of a passive insult. He doesnt care what the discussion is about aslong as its a chance to quote me and be against me. I could be talking about the color of dirt and he would still find a way to argue it. Though most of the time it has nothing to even do with the discussion and just something he concocted in his head.

Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
This thread is kinda gay.
Only if you make eye contact with the Swick pic.

Originally Posted by TheGreg View Post
That was awesome, I know sideways has got to be gitty like a little school girl right now.... Just like I was after Lauzon sunk in that triangle!

What a good night of fights!
Oh you have no idea!. I had butterflies throughout the whole fight and then when Swick got that unexpected KO it all just rushed out of me in one of those higher pitched "Ahhhh" with my arms in a hammer curl position flexed as hard as possible. Amazing night of fights! What a good showing after that last piece of crap we got.

How amazing was Swick KO though?? He caught that kick that came out of no where so fluently and he threw the punch without any hesitance. I dont think iv ever seen someone throw one of those trip then jumping punches as fast as Swick threw that one. He had the perfect fight for getting rid of ring rust. And he had an EYE INJURY!! If you cant see out of one eye it makes it incredibly hard to measure the distance of anything much less a moving trained opponent. We saw how much GSPs eye injury impaired his striking against Jake Shields.

Originally Posted by ratm View Post
very good night of fights
You can say that again!!

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