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Originally Posted by SydneyFC View Post
Lol what? So your solution is to retire two active fighters and throw them into the commentating booth?



And I could list a bunch of things that Rogan did wrong tonight/in general. However referring to every blow as a 'knockout blow', to who you think are Joes 'preffered fighters', is certainly not one of them. I can't even recall the term of speech 'knockout blow' leaving Rogans mouth. It's usually a 'BA-BLAM' or 'BA-BOOSH', specifially during the slo-mo replays post-fight.
1). Pretty sure that wasn't his solution at ALL. Sideways said it, fighters don't have to retire in order to commentate. The only person that mentioned retirement was you.

2). As much as Joe didn't say the words 'knockout blow' in relation to Vera, I'm pretty sure he also didn't say 'BA-BLAM' or 'BA-BOOSH' either.

I normally like Rogan, for the most part. But when he goes all biast on a fight I just tune him out as best I can.
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