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Originally Posted by SydneyFC View Post
Lol what? So your solution is to retire two active fighters and throw them into the commentating booth?


Yes, that's clearly what I was getting at

And I could list a bunch of things that Rogan did wrong tonight/in general. However referring to every blow as a 'knockout blow', to who you think are Joes 'preffered fighters', is certainly not one of them. I can't even recall the term of speech 'knockout blow' leaving Rogans mouth. It's usually a 'BA-BLAM' or 'BA-BOOSH', specifially during the slo-mo replays post-fight.
It was more a 'group-all' term for 'He's rocked!', '_____ hurt him!', and every other saying Joe belts out every time one of his favourites lands a paw. Exaggeration to match Joe's exaggerations.
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