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You can pretty much guarantee Rogan's commentary is going to suck if the fights are really good. He gets caught up in the moment and exaggerates everything. He's at his absolute worst whenever Edgar fights. Whenever Edgar lands a jab or a grazing hook you'll hear an obnoxious "HE HURT HIM!!!!11!1!" Or if he gets punched twice in a row but dodges the third, you'll hear about amazing his footwork/head movement is.

But for the most part Rogan is great at what he does. Sure he gets giddy like a school girl sometimes but hardcore fans are bound to have moments like that. Granted someone in his position has to contain himself better thought. I still dread the day when he has to retire and we're stuck with Goldberg and f*cking Florian.

EDIT: Best part of his commentary tonight was when he said De Fries has no power and is proven wrong not even a second later. Pretty sure the same thing happened in the Roller/Tavares fight.

Will make predictions for credits. Please, I'm so broke.

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