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Originally Posted by ACTAFOOL View Post
that was great, its awesome that dana and the fighters are just so open to the media and fans, no other sport is like this. every other sport it seems like these guys are on another level and no one can touch them but UFC does an awesome job of staying down to earth

i think its really wierd that machida was actually thinking about going down to 185, why?? dana wont let him go down if hes just going to go down and settle for being the best #2 MW in the wolrd, he would have to fight anderson

unless anderson is really thinking about retiring and vacating the title to do a final fight against GSP at catchweight...or simply moving up...but i doubt he actually would want to move up, i guess he really is planning on calling it quits...why andy? why?
I truly think Anderson is gonna retire or switch weight classes and an Anderson/GSP fight at Cowboys Stadium could be in the future.

I've watched all the videos on Machida going in, his Dragon Philosophy video on the UFC Youtube page, the Ultimate Insider feature on him this week, he kept talking about a man at 25 is in his prime and a how his dream is to be Champ again. Well, if that's his goals why go to 185 where you won't fight the Champ?

Anderson also isn't interested in any of the match ups for him at 185 according to his manager so if he's bored at 185 it's probably best to do something else because if he's disinterested that could come back to bite him in the ass, especially against a guy like Weidman who could maybe take him down and hold him down.

Dana also said Anderson won't fight until early next year and was gonna hold off until GSP/Condit happened.

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